Miranda tilly
Also known as:
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Engaged (From 1x01 - 2x04)
Occupation: Office Worker
Appearances: Full List of Appearances
Actor: Sally Phillips

Tilly is one of Miranda's peers from her school days at a boarding school (along with Fanny and Stinky). She is shown to be posh and has a tendancy to use puns of words or to extend words in a 'silly' way, which sometimes Miranda mocks. She is said to be the one who told Miranda "When you're dumped in a boarding school dorm aged nine you all bond for life even if you hate each other."

Season 1Edit

During Season 1 Miranda and Tilly weren't as close as they were in Season 2. Tilly was usually with Fanny, another friend from Miranda's school. Tilly's love life wasn't really explored much throughout the series and her fiance, Rupert, wasn't introduced until 2x03. Tilly usually shows Miranda by teasing her about her job and lack of a love life, although throughout this it is shown that Tilly considers Miranda as a good friend.

Season 2Edit

Tilly's first appearance in Season 2 was during the first episode when Miranda's going through her depressed phase by calling Miranda a tramp. Tilly invites Miranda to eat out at the new sushi place with yet another friend from school, Stinky, who only appears in 1 episode. Tilly also helps Penny with the charity wine drinking and has a big role in 2x03 which is based around her wedding organizing.