Sarah Hadland
Stevie Sutton
Also known as:
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Manager and Shop Keeper
Appearances: Full List of Appearances
Actor: Sarah Hadland

Stevie Sutton is Miranda's oldest friend she mangers Miranda's joke shop. She is much more confiedent than Miranda and often points out that she has the alore. She is a massive fan of Heather Small and almost every show pulls out a cardboard cut out of Heather's face and sings 'Proud'. Stevie is pushed off a lot of stools especially in series 1.

Miranda and Stevies Competion

Miranda and Stevie have many competions to prove they are the best after stupid arguements, these are often judged by Gary these include;

                                     Eating meatballs and pasta with chopsticks
                                     Popping all the bubbles in bubble wrap.

Stevie is also great friends with Clive, Tilly and Gary.