Miranda is desperate to fit in, but can't. Her public school background and posh accent make her a misfit down the pub. She has never fitted in with 'the girls' (not least because she's a foot taller than them) and due to years of agoraphobic tendencies she doesn't know how to behave socially or how to avoid embarrassment, especially around men.

She's a constant disappointment to her mother Penny, who's desperate for her to get a proper job, or even better, a husband, but Miranda's happiest playing with and making up silly games in her joke shop.

Lacking any real capacity for business, Miranda employs her childhood friend Stevie to manage the shop. Stevie tries to run the business like she's competing to be Alan Sugar's apprentice, but her principal task is keeping Miranda's childish absurdities under control.

It doesn't matter what Miranda attempts in life - be it dating, joining the gym, or dealing with her overbearing mother, she always seems to fall flat - literally. She can never seem to leave a room without knocking something over.



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