"What I call..." Edit

Patricia Hodge
Also known as:
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Unknown
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Actor: Patricia Hodge

Penny is Miranda's very posh mother. She often shares "naughty" or "dirty" moments with Miranda's father, despite often falling out with him. In one episode she moves in with Miranda after Miranda's father changes the locks.

She has a habit of saying "what I call" when in fact it is what everyone calls it - for instance, "Tilly is having a what I call wedding". She also calls the telly remotes "drooblies".

In "Just Act Normal", the psychiatrist describes her as having an over-the-top protective instinct, which means she dominates a lot. She also disapproves of Miranda's shop and wishes she would get out with men more.

She has a best friend Belinda - seemingly Tilly's mother - who she "dislikes intensely". She also "whips Belinda's big fat ass right off the tennis court".